Customized security solutions, designed with customer interests in mind. Our creativity and adaptability is one of the major ways we differentiate Munway from other security contractors. Many of our satisfied customers have turned to us when others have failed to provide solutions to their complex security needs. Our extensive engineering and project management experience allows us to adapt to changing technology faster than most security integrators.


Professional installation and customer-focused implementation.  Munway technicians are held to a higher standard of professionalism, and are trained to value our customers time, property, and expectations.  Installers and programmers are prepared to safely, accurately, and timely implement the planning of each project while being receptive to  any customer requests.  


Our reputation allows us to secure quality equipment at competitive prices. Munway puts a lot of stock in gaining and maintaining the trust of local and national suppliers. These partnerships are a vital to Munway's continued success, and to our ability to provide customers with high quality security solutions at a great value.


Affordable investment protection options available. Our security systems are designed to protect life and secure property. Maintenance of these complex systems is highly recommended  in order to prevent technical failure, and to allow timely repair in the event of technical failure.  From the simplest system to the most complex, system failure can have disastrous results. Maintenance contracts provide customers with peace of mind because their investment is protected.